Thursday, June 19, 2008

Experiments on habits

As you might have read in a previous post, my company is able to innovate so quickly because we keep don't hesitate trying out new stuff. If someone has an idea, it can go from a vague thought to running on live traffic in a matter of weeks. If the numbers say that it's a good idea, we keep it. If not, we throw it out, no regret. My coworker has an interesting post about how we do some form of A/B testing.

Experimentation is at the very heart of science. If you don't try anything new, you can't learn anything. This is why I try to vary my habits from time to time to try something different. Last November I spent the whole month without drinking caffeine. I wanted to prove that "I can stop whenever I want to but I just don't want to" was true for me. Also, I wanted to know if I would be more or less tired, sleep better, etc. Overall, I found that after a few days of not consuming caffeine (coffee, tea, coke, etc.) I didn't really crave it at all and that it didn't affect my overall health level.

Since last Monday I've started to eat vegetarian. I've been talking about this for months and finally did it. Well, I've actually been told that since I decided to eat seafood I'm rather a pescetarian. I'm not a very difficult person when it comes to food, I'll eat anything. So it's been weird for me to start being picky about what I eat, I feel almost guilty.

Thus far, I've been kind of hungry a lot. I'm eating a lot Indian food because they have a lot of very tasty meals without meat. That, salad and pasta.

I haven't decided exactly how long I'm going to keep this up, at least until the end of June, maybe a few weeks longer, I'll see how it goes. I have no intention of this becoming a permanent thing.

P.S. I actually meant to start this last Friday. I did, but then I accidentally eat a chicken caesar salad for dinner... Not a very good start!


Igor said...

Haha, that's hilarious. Good luck with that. :)

I think next time you should try going Vegan. Lets see how you deal with *that*!

Élise said...

Dans mon cours de nutrition, on avait appris qu'il existe aussi des fruitariens, qui ne mangent que des fruits, des noix et du miel. Ça c'est de la variété !

Patrick said...

Nice stuff, do you feel less angry ?
You should watch the 3 episodes of Gordon Ramsay Great Escape, it's really good stuff. He goes to India for a culinary adventure and he meet a vegetarian guru. He's like the god of vegetarian lol, there is a city where you can't find meat and you can't rent an apartment if you are not vegetarian. Hardcore!

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Claire Lyall said...

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