Friday, March 21, 2008

Red lights cameras

Think red lights cameras will pay for themselves with the fines they bring? Think again. It seems the city of Dallas has been having some issues with it's camera problem.

They figured the cameras would bring in 14.8M$ in revenue last year but they only brought 6.2M$. Why? People figured out that going through a red light with an automated system that fined you wasn't a very good idea, and so they stopped doing it.

What is Dallas doing? They're shutting down some of the cameras because they're not bringing in as much money as expected. This brings up an important issue: are the cameras there to increase public safety or are they there to increase revenue?

They're also thinking about idling some of them. An idle camera is very cheap to maintain and the desired safety effect will still be there (as long as they rotate which camera are idle).

(Found through Freakonomics.)

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Anonymous said...

J'aime beaucoup tes raisonnements. Tu as raison de penser que les gouv pensent plus souvent au fric qu'à la sécurité.